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Philips Hair Straightener

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Hair Straightener | Kerashine Ceramic Plates with Silkprotect Technology | BHS378/10

Shiny Smooth Hair with Precise Control, Ionic Care & Kerashine
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Your Hair, Your Rules: Get Salon-Like Hair Styling at Home With Philips Hair Straighteners

Who's got time for tangled tresses and unruly curls? Not you, queen! Alright, fabulous ladies, listen up! We've got the lowdown on the coolest tool to hit style—the Philips Hair Straightener! If you're all about slaying effortlessly chic vibes with minimal effort, then you are at the right place. In the world of hairstyling, the right tool can make all the difference. Say goodbye to hair drama and hello to glossy locks with Philips, a hair straightener. Philips, a brand renowned for innovation and quality, offers an exclusive range of hair straighteners equipped with cutting-edge technologies to transform your hair game all day.

Minimizes Heat Damage and Gets Flawless Silky Strands at Home

Introducing the Hair Straightener with Kerashine Ceramic Plates and SilkProtect Technology—your ticket to flawless smooth locks and silky strands at home. The advanced Keratin-infused ceramic plates glide smoothly through your hair, giving quick and easy styling, while SilkProtect Technology adds a silky, lustrous finish to every strand. It offers variable settings from 160 °C to 230 °C with a clear LED indication for precise control. This straightener isn't just a styling tool; it's a game-changer tool that gives salon-like hair at home. For the ultimate glam, pair it with a Philips hair dryer and elevate your hair styling game all time.

Multi-Styler: Straighten, Curl, and Crimp Effortlessly with One Single Tool

Unleash endless style possibilities with the Philips Multi Styler (BHH816/00). This versatile multi-styler allows you to straighten, curl, or crimp effortlessly, all with a single tool, thanks to the revolutionary Quick Click Release Technology. This helps you embrace the convenience of transforming your look on the fly, adapting to any mood or occasion without the need for multiple devices. The professional high heat capability allows you to reshape your hair with precision, while the protective ceramic coating guarantees even heat distribution for a glossy finish with minimal damage. With the BHH816/00, versatility meets simplicity, making it the go-to choice that redefines hair transformation at home.

Keep Those Locks Healthy with Philips UV Protect Hair Straightener

Introducing the UV Protect Hair Straightener BHS732/10, a hair game-changer with Argan oil floating plates and ThermoShield Tech, ensuring your hair's health is as on-point as your style. This isn’t just any straightener. With its innovative UV Protect technology and argan oil floating plates, it's designed not only to straighten your hair but also to protect it from excessive heat. The addition of ThermoShield Tech ensures your hair remains glossy and healthy, making it a must-have for your styling arsenal.

Transform your Mane into a Masterpiece with Philips Hair Straighteners

Quick hair styling for less hair drama? Absolutely. It's all about keeping your mane strong, vibrant, and selfie-ready. Philips offers a diverse array of products, ensuring there's something for everyone. From UV hair straighteners to multi-styling tools and convenient styling kits, Philips hair straightener caters to a wide range of styling needs. Whether you seek a simple hair straightener or a versatile multi-styler, Philips invites you to explore and choose based on your unique preferences and styling requirements.


Q. Will using a Philips hair straightener damage my hair?

A. Experience the reassurance of minimized heat damage with Philips Hair Straighteners. Featuring temperature control, these devices allow you to tailor the heat to your hair type for optimal results.

Q. Can I use a Philips Hair Straightener on wet hair?

A. It is not recommended to use Philips Hair Straighteners on wet hair. For best results and safety, we advise styling on dry hair.

Q. What's the difference between ceramic and titanium plates?

A. Ceramic plates provide even heat distribution and are gentler on the hair. Titanium plates heat up quickly and are often preferred for thicker or coarser hair due to their durability and ability to maintain high heat.

Q. Can I use a hair straightener on extensions?

A. Yes, you can use a hair straightener on extensions, but it's essential to use a lower heat setting and be gentle to avoid damage. Always consult the care instructions provided with the extensions.

Q. Does Philips provides warranty for Hair Straightener?

A. While individual warranties may vary, Philips, known for its commitment to quality, typically ensures a reliable warranty to guarantee customer satisfaction.